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How life coaching works

Life coaching is an investment in your future. See your true potential and put in place strategies for a great life.

How does it work?

I will meet with you for a free no-obligation consultation to listen and discuss your specific situation and requirements. Personalised weekly action plans will be put in place and I will meet with you every week for 6-8 weeks, or more if needed.

At the end of the life coaching process, you will receive a FREE report – GET THE LIFE YOU WANT – that you can use to keep on the path to attaining your dreams.

The aim of my life coaching is to set you on a path to achieving what you really want out of life, by teaching you proven and practical techniques that you will be able to utilise immediately and in the future.

Why use a life coach?

We all need clarity and direction at some stage in our lives. Someone from outside your circle of friends, family and colleagues can provide objective and professional expertise to help you achieve your goals.

A qualified and experienced life coach can help you to see your true potential and put in place strategies to keep you on the right path to a great life. Working with a life coach should be an investment in your future.

Working with me as your life coach…

  • You will learn exactly how to apply the 3 keys to success to your own life
  • You’ll find out why most people fail to reach their goals and how you can reach yours
  • You’ll discover where true and lasting motivation comes from
  • You’ll find out how to unlock your full potential

You’ll start getting real results immediately from applying proven strategies that work.

Completely confidential

Eclipse Life Coaching guarantees complete confidentiality for its clients. Nothing is discussed with, or passed on to, any third party.


Why choose Eclipse Life Coaching?

I only use coaching concepts that have been proven to work through independent studies. The emphasis is on getting real results, not just saying all the right things.

My fee structure is very simple. You will know exactly what you get for your money. There are no marketing tricks and absolutely no hidden costs.

Change for the better now

Call me now on 027 349-2520 or email me for a FREE no-obligation life coaching consultation.