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Executive Coaching

The Life Leader programme is the premier executive coaching package for C-suite executives, business owners, and leaders who want to perform at their peak, while living their dream lifestyle.

  • Get that elusive life balance you’ve been searching for
  • Avoid burn-out while sustainably performing at a high level
  • Achieve your professional and personal goals with energy and confidence
  • Make a real difference in the world
  • Be the respected leader and person you want to be

The Life Leader programme is truly unique. I see it as a genuinely close partnership, where we’re able to openly and honestly deal with any professional or personal issues that you may want to address. If you’re looking for an experienced and expert executive coach that will help you to level up, achieve your goals, and be there when you need them, this is for you.

This fully-bespoke programme consists of UNLIMITED sessions and availability. This means you get the coaching you want, when you want it. I’ll be your biggest ally and your most ardent supporter, but this doesn’t mean I won’t challenge you, push you and keep you accountable!

It means you have access to the very best executive coaching at your fingertips, so when you need a trusted confidante to talk through specific issues and challenges to find smart strategies and solutions, you have it.

Trust is of the utmost importance. All coaching is 100% confidential.

$3200 per month inclusive

There are LIMITED SPACES offered for the Life Leader programme, so please ask about availability first.

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