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How life coaching works

Life coaching is an investment in your future. Effective coaching enables you to see your true potential and put in place strategies for a great life.

How does life coaching work?

I’ll meet with you if you live in Auckland, or we can FaceTime, GoogleMeet or Teams for a free no-obligation consultation to listen and discuss your specific situation and requirements. If you decide to go ahead with coaching, you’ll sign up to my 8-week Life Empowerment programme, consisting of weekly 1-hour personal coaching sessions, written customised weekly action plans, and my availability and support between sessions to keep you on track.

I treat every client as an individual, each with their own unique situation and challenges, so your coaching will be tailor-made for you. However, here’s the framework we’ll typically use to get you what you want in life:

  • Create Foundation Document. Q&A session addressing core values, personality, priorities, ideal life. Use this as a core reference during the coaching process.
  • Clarify desired outcomes (what do you want from coaching?)
  • Identify focus areas (career, business, direction, resilience, wealth, lifestyle, confidence, health/fitness, etc)
  • Optimise mindset and identify limiting beliefs through cognitive behavioural coaching (CBC)
  • Set specific goals (the “what”)
  • Create smart strategies (the “how”)
  • Identify and find ways to minimise or eliminate potential obstacles (mental/logistical/financial/health)
  • From discussion around obstacles, work on any issues specific to you (e.g. procrastination, confidence, perfectionism, time management, motivation, communication skills, etc)
  • Finalise Goal and Strategies plans
  • Start taking action on strategies, create habits
  • Summary and concepts for the future

At the end of the life coaching process, you’ll receive a free report – GET THE LIFE YOU WANT – that you can use to keep you on the path to reaching your goals.

The aim of my Life Empowerment programme is to get you some real wins during the coaching period, and set you on the road to achieving what you really want in life. I’ll teach you proven and practical concepts that you’ll be able to apply immediately, and long into the future.

Why use a life coach?

We all need clarity and direction at some stage in our lives. Someone from outside your circle of family, friends and colleagues can provide objective and professional expertise to help you achieve your goals.

A certified and experienced life coach can help you to see your true potential and put in place strategies to keep you on the right path to a great life. Working with a life coach should be an investment in your future.

Working with me as your life coach you will…

  •  Learn exactly how to apply the 3 keys to success to your own life
  •  Find out why most people fail to reach their goals and how you can reach yours
  •  Learn about simple and effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety
  •  Discover where true and lasting motivation comes from
  •  Find out how to unlock your full potential

You’ll get results. After completing the 8-week Life Empowerment programme:

✳️ 90% of clients had a better overall sense of wellbeing

✳️ 92% of clients had significantly increased confidence

✳️ 97% of clients felt significantly more optimistic

✳️ 100% of clients had a significantly better sense of clarity and direction

✳️ 100% of clients said it was worth the money

Completely confidential

Eclipse Life Coaching guarantees complete confidentiality for its clients.

Why choose Eclipse Life Coaching?

I specialise in coaching busy professionals, managers and business owners. I only use coaching concepts that actually work. The emphasis is on getting real results, not just saying all the right things.

My fee structure is very simple and completely transparent. You’ll know exactly what you get for your money, because there are no hidden costs.

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