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Life Coaching for Clarity & Direction

Life Coaching Auckland

Need personal executive life coaching for clarity and direction? 

Do you need to get clear on your direction in life and on your future lifestyle? If you have a load of conflicting thoughts rattling around in your head it’s tricky to move forward with confidence. Perhaps you…

  • Feel stuck in a rut
  • Are overwhelmed with the pressures of work and family
  • Want to find ways to move out of your current situation
  • Are dissatisfied with aspects of your life

“From our initial meeting he was able to summarise my situation correctly and help me map out my future course. His common sense plans increased my productivity and soon my motivation and confidence. He made me look at my pitfalls, negative thinking and bad habits and change them. It all happened so quickly, naturally and easily but it was all due to his logical, methodical approach. As he said to me, “If there is something you want to do, I can help you make the plans to get it done”. And he did.” – Jacquie, Education Specialist, Auckland

Here’s what’s needed to get moving

It may be that fear of the unknown, uncertainty, or lack of confidence is holding you back. It’s important to work with a certified life coach with a sound track record who’ll provide the right type of personal coaching to help you attain the clarity and direction you need to take that vital next step.

How I can help

Working with me as your personal life coach you’ll…

  • Get clear on what you really want (your goals).
  • Get clear on how to get there (your strategies).
  • Gain a sense of purpose and direction.
  • Have a sounding board, an objective person to talk to and get clarity on an action plan.
  • Identify ways to overcome potential obstacles or limitations. Things like… I don’t know how to start / I never seem to finish what I start / I don’t feel confident / I’m frightened of making the wrong decision.

“Feeling “stuck” in my professional life I was seeking some external coaching to help me set a new direction and move forward. Kris fit the bill because I wanted someone with a mix of real life experience combined with a solid research background.  I can confirm this was a great decision.

Right from the start Kris provided clarity on where he could help, what the process would be and the expected outcome. I have not been disappointed and from session one was building the momentum I needed to get moving again.

Kris is highly professional and operates with duty of care you would expect in a 1:1 coaching relationship. I cannot recommend Kris highly enough for the work we have done together”– Brian, National Manager, Hamilton

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More about my personal coaching for direction & clarity…

Structured process

In a nutshell, I turn the mess in your head into something cohesive! My structured process really works to get down to the nitty-gritty efficiently and effectively.

I’m skilled at helping you fish out and recognise what’s important and what’s not. Together we reach the answers that help you move forward.


How do I get out of this confusion? How can I get a sense of purpose and direction?
I’ll help you get clear on what’s most important to you. Then we’ll set real, achievable goals and develop a clear pathway to follow.

How long does it take?
My 8-week Life Empowerment programme will give you the strategies, clarity and direction you need to move forward.

Who uses an executive life coach?
Professionals who want to take control of their life and achieve their goals. If you really want something out of life but are not quite sure how to get there, then I can help.

Isn’t it just motivation?
A good personal life coach will motivate you. But more importantly it’s about providing the right tools to enable you to succeed in the long term. The concepts you learn during the coaching period will be invaluable for the rest of your life.

Is it like counselling?
Not really. Personal life coaching deals with the present and the future, not the past. Life coaches look at your potential and find ways for you to get what you want out of life.

Take Action Now!

Let’s talk about how you can achieve clarity and direction now…

Why choose Eclipse Life Coaching?

I come from a scientific background, so only use coaching concepts that have been proven to work. The emphasis is on getting real results, not just ‘saying the right things’.

My fee structure is very simple. You’ll know exactly what you get for your money. There are no marketing tricks and no hidden costs.

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“I thoroughly enjoyed the personal life coaching sessions with Kris as he helped me choose my own direction both in my personal and business life. He presented as a very neutral force and at all times assured me that this was my life and anything I chose was indeed my choice. Through the coaching sessions I was able to establish clarity on many aspects of my life, from relationships, personal and business goals right through to financial goals. I really enjoyed this approach.”

“Kris has a very calm manner and at all times was a professional guide who enabled me to make choices I was comfortable with, and yet I felt encouraged to a higher personal expectation. Actually being guided to set clear goals, to recognise possible obstacles and focus on actual strategies has enabled me to see my “dreams” begin to develop into reality!”

“The key experience I gained through Eclipse Life Coaching was that my life is happening right now, and that I can experience the things I enjoy (my life priorities) right now, and at the same time make my sustainable future a priority. There is no need to put the life I would like “on hold” until a better time. I merely need to create better habits and set my own priorities.”

“My desire for the perfect life has indeed become a desire for an almost perfect life and I now believe that an almost perfect life is very attainable.”

– Catherine, company director, Tauranga

More Testimonials

“I hadn’t thought of going to a life coach until it was suggested to me by a family member. After meeting with Kris I decided to give his personal life coaching sessions a go. I had recently left my job and was looking to travel overseas and I felt that the time was right to stop and think about what I was doing and where I was heading.”

“The most beneficial thing I learned from the coaching sessions was to stop and take time to actually reflect on my situation and to really question some of the beliefs that I had about myself. From doing this I feel that I gained much more confidence in myself and my abilities. I also stopped to consider my priorities and the goals that I really wanted to work on first. With Kris’ support I developed strategies to help me work towards these goals and started to put these into place straight away.”

– Robert, health professional, Auckland

I just wanted to let you know that I made an excellent investment in my personal coaching course with you. I enjoyed every session and each week I felt I had learned just what I needed to learn, and I’m so pleased with my focus and clarity. Most important, I am now very enthusiastic after feeling dull for a long time. Thank you!

– Margaret, nanny, UK

Don’t Stagnate!

With my personal coaching you can achieve clarity and direction…

We’ll have you striding confidently forwards in no time!