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Life Coach Fees…
How Much Does Life Coaching Cost?

I like to be upfront and transparent about my life coach fees. Here’s an outline of my life coaching services and fees: How much does life coaching cost?

Life coach services

One-on-one sessions – in person at your place or mine, or by phone or Skype
Eclipse Life Coaching specialises in personal one-on-one executive coaching for professionals. Contact me now to arrange a free no-obligation consultation.

If you live in Auckland
If you live in Auckland, we’ll work face-to-face. I can come to your place at a time convenient to you, or you can visit me in the central city.

If you live outside Auckland
If you live outside of Auckland, or indeed New Zealand, we can work together via phone or Skype.

Limited numbers
I limit the number of clients on my books so that I’m able to give you my full attention and support throughout the coaching process. It helps to ensure you don’t have long gaps between your sessions so we can keep the momentum going.

No hidden costs
Eclipse Life Coaching has a philosophy of integrity, transparency and professionalism. I won’t try to sell you books, software or seminars. There are no hidden costs. My life coach fees, as published below, are all you pay, and include 1-to-2-page written action plans sent to you after each session, and my availability between sessions if you want to chat or touch base. If at any stage you would like to end the coaching process for whatever reason, you are free to do so. The aim of life coaching should be to work towards what you want, not what the coach wants.

As a certified and experienced life coach, I aim to provide the very best service that will ensure you receive outstanding returns on your investment.

Life coach fees

Life coach fees for Life Coaching and Career Coaching 

  • Initial 45 min consultation: FREE
  • LIFE EMPOWERMENT Program – 1 hour per week for 6-8 weeks (includes weekly written action plans): $165 per session
  • LIFE FORWARD Program – Continuing accountability sessions after completion of the Life Empowerment Program (optional): $145 per session

Fees for Wealth Coaching

  • LIFE ABUNDANCE 2 hour wealth session ($100 discount if you’ve completed my Life Empowerment program. Includes your written customised wealth creation plan): $430

No Risk Guarantee
Remember, if you’re not completely satisfied, you don’t pay.

Give me a call any time

Phone me now on 027 349-2520 or email me to arrange a FREE consultation.