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“I was looking for a way to get my business and life goals into something more tangible, as was my business partner. We found Kris and immediately warmed to his approach.

We decided on the 8 week course. Throughout the time Kris always had a way to make you understand the process. His calm but wise and precise systems and processes helped me formulate my goals into the tangible project I was looking for. With his input the plans were evolved through his process. I have decided to continue catching up with him & would highly recommend him If you’re looking for that edge, in both business and life.”

Todd, property agency owner, Auckland

“Kris was a pleasure to deal with. He provided a detailed approach that challenged me to identify and clarify what it is I want to achieve and the potential hurdles to achieving those goals. We then set about building a deliverables framework by which I could work to and refer to constantly, which has been a game changer, with immediate results. I recommend Kris’ services to anyone that wants to define their career and personal goals and obtain the tools to do so.”

Geoff, business owner, Auckland

“I committed to a series of life coaching sessions with Kris. I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with him as he assisted me to choose my own direction both in my personal and business life. Kris presented as a very neutral force and at all times assured me that this was my life and anything I chose was indeed my choice.  Through the coaching sessions I was able to establish clarity on many aspects of my life, from relationships, personal and business goals right through to financial goals.

I really enjoyed this approach. Kris has a very calm manner and at all times was a professional guide who enabled me to make choices I was comfortable with, and yet I felt encouraged to a higher personal expectation. Actually being guided to set clear goals, to recognize possible obstacles and focus on actual strategies has enabled me to see my “dreams” begin to develop into reality!

The key experience I gained through Eclipse Life Coaching was that my life is happening right now, and that I can experience the things that I enjoy (my life priorities), right now, and at the same time make my sustainable future a priority. There is no need to put the life I would like “on hold” until a better time.  I merely need to create better habits and set my own priorities.  My desire for the perfect life has indeed become a desire for an almost perfect life and I now believe that an almost perfect life is very attainable!”

Catherine, business owner, Tauranga

“Kris is very structured and methodical and gets to the crux of identifying what a client needs, and then what to put into action. Kris really helped me hone in on what i wanted to achieve and how to get it. I actually didnt know what i wanted until it became clear via the coaching process. I have since actioned many things and doors are opening. A great investment indeed and i am glad i reached out for help.”

Mark, business owner, Auckland

“The wise selection of the right adviser is critical – I was looking for a coach who would give me relevant information, sound guidance and some inspiration, without wasting my time, money and energy. I was fortunate to stumble across the Eclipse website, and my decision to do a course with Kris has been the best investment of my life. Early in the course he made sure he knew what I wanted and as a result each session was relevant, useful and exciting.”

Michael, business owner, Auckland

“Before I came to Kris I was frustrated by my lack of motivation and results of the past years. I had some vague ideas about what I’d like to do but never got around to doing them.Even my partner called me ‘Miss I’m gonna’.  I couldn’t even write a ‘to do’ list as it took so long to do the simplist of tasks and this frustrated me even more. I decided that if I wasn’t able to help myself maybe someone who was trained to could so I found Kris on the internet and contacted him.

From our initial meeting  he was able to summerize my situation correctly and help me map out my future course. His common sense plans increased my productivity and soon my motivation and confidence. He made me look at my pitfalls; negative thinking and bad habits and change them. It all happened so quickly, naturally and easily but it was all due to his logical, methodical approach. As he said to me, ‘If there is something you want to do, I can help you make the plans to get it done’. And he did.”

Jacqui, education specialist, Auckland

“Working with Kris, instantly improved my sense of clarity and purpose in regards to the direction I was heading in. We worked through some engaging evaluations and interesting discussions. Kris supported me in noticing patterns that were holding me back as well set positive and meaningful goals. By establishing a vision and an action plan I have been able to move forward with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose. Kris is easy going, flexible and supportive and I’d highly recommend you booking him as a coach if you’re looking to make improvements in your life.”

Samuel, education consultant, Auckland

“I had not thought of going to a life coach until it was suggested to me by a family member. However on meeting with Kris I decided to give the coaching sessions a go. I had recently left my current job and was looking to travel overseas and I felt that the time was right to stop and think about what I was doing and where I was heading.

For me the most beneficial thing I learnt from the coaching sessions was to stop and take time to actually reflect on my situation and to really question some of the beliefs that I had about myself. From doing this I feel that I gained more confidence in myself and my abilities. I also stopped to consider my priorities and the goals that I really wanted to work on first. With Kris’s support I developed strategies to help me work towards these goals and started to put these into place straight away.”

Rebecca, health professional, Auckland

“Kris’s strengths include being very prepared, and well researched.  He is also open and flexible – knowing when to flex or change his style.  I am stuck on weaknesses to be honest. This is because coaching is such a good match for his strengths and abilities that is all I have seen.”

Rachel, workplace wellness specialist, Auckland

“The manner in which we discussed things was very easy going and I felt secure in the knowledge that everything discussed would be kept confidential.  Before I went into this consultation I didn’t know much about financial and money matters.  I walked out of it feeling more confident and knowledgeable. I am now ready to apply the principles we discussed in the real world.”

Tom, public service leader, Auckland

“I would recommend Kris to anyone looking to gain more clarity and purpose in their life. I have recently completed the 8 week life empowerment programme. With guidance from Kris I now feel like I know exactly what I want from my life and how I am going to go and make this a reality.”

Nick, founder & business owner, Auckland

“I reached out to Kris during a challenging time in my life when I was facing redundancy after 6 years with the same organisation. His guidance proved invaluable as it helped me find the silver linings in my situation, focus on my values and goals, and develop a clear vision for my future. I found the 8-week program to be effective and enjoyable, providing me with practical techniques to maintain my focus and continue my growth. If you’re looking for a coach who is approachable and offers sensible, practical tools for self-improvement, I highly recommend Kris.”

Carla, marketing manager, Auckland

“I’ve had a variety of coaches over recent years including business, real estate and leadership coaches. However, I really wanted to try a life coach. The initial consultation with Kris was a nice chance to see if engaging Kris was going to work for us both. We agreed to an 8 week program where we covered off all of the aspects I wanted help with. I’m pleased to say it was well worthwhile and I’m already enjoying the benefits. I would happily recommend anyone to Kris who wants to refocus, gain clarity and feel better about where they are headed in life knowing they have a plan and the tools to get there.”

Scott, business owner, Auckland

“I Chose to work with Kris because he has a straight forward and logical approach, unlike many other coaches that are alternative with practices like Reiki therapy and other energy or spiritual healing type things. He is very experienced, professional and has greatly helped me to get out of a slump in my personal life and career. Everyone around me has recently been commenting on how well I am doing in multiple aspects of my life and they see a change, even though I had not mentioned I was getting coaching. Kris has armed me with great structures, processes and mechanisms to impliment in my personal life and career that I will have for life. These have recently helped me to make a big decision in my career, which I could not be more happy about. I also feel like I have regained a lot of my confidence that I have been missing. I recommend Kris to my friends and colleagues. An easy five star review for him. Thank you Kris!”

James, real estate agent, Auckland

“The adage of give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a life time comes to mind after engaging in Kris’s services. At the beginning I was unsure where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do in regards to my personal and professional life. it only took meeting Kris to realise I had found the life coach for me. Kris is thorough professional and is great with setting up and establishing process. I have and will continue to recommend him highly.”

Kieran, manager, Auckland

“The 8-Week LIFE EMPOWERMENT Programme gave me the direction and clarity I required to take control of my personal development as a whole. The programme gave me the tools to continue my career growth at a high pace without compromising on my personal life. I’m very grateful for completing this programme at my current age as it has set me up for life. Thank you Kris”

Corban, project manager, Tauranga

“Kris was my 2nd experience with life coaching and I’m so pleased that I came across his website during another sleepless 2am stress search and SOS.

I did the empowerment course and over those 8 weeks my world got bigger… the opportunities I didn’t know existed broke through my awareness, I had a shift in mindset and I continue to lean into the tools each day. I just did the wealth session with him also, and took away some gems I look forward to nurturing. Genuine, transparent, responsive, and flexible in adjusting to my specific requirements as an individual and unique client.

Highly recommend.

I appreciate your work and look forward to continuing with you in the future.”

Jamie, education specialist, Auckland

“The life coaching principles and tools that we went through is deeply helpful in helping me be more productive, clarify and focus my goals and grow the things that are important in my life. Yes certainly recommend.”

Danny, entrepreneur & business owner, Auckland

“The work we did together has empowered me to move forward and get to a place of greater happiness and fulfillment.

I really feel aligned to this work.

I’m living in an environment that I find inspirational and I work from home 90% of the time. I still do my 90 day goal setting, weekly plans and I check in with the values and things we set every now and then.

I really just wanted to acknowledge your contribution, and felt the need to share this with you as a means of saying thank you for the work we did together back then. It was so valuable and has empowered me to move forward and get to a place of greater happiness and fulfillment. Thank you Kris.”

Steve, business analyst, Auckland