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What are you waiting for? Start Now.

There’ll never be a better time than right now to start working towards your dreams and ambitions, so what are you waiting for?

Have you always wanted to start your own business? Have you been thinking about learning to play a musical instrument? Do you wish you could be rich? Do you yearn for someone special in your life? Have you been dreaming about travelling the world for a year?

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12 Time Management Tips That Work

time management

We all lead busy lives, and sometimes it can seem like a constant struggle just to keep your head above water. Balancing family, work, study, and leisure time can be a huge challenge. Luckily there are smart ways to get some sanity back into your life, and take control of your time management. Here are 12 time management tips that work:

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Get Moving – Out Of Your Comfort Zone

comfort zoneHuman beings naturally tend to seek out the easiest path, and when we find a way that works for us, we tend to stick to it. This is great, but sometimes we can become so entrenched in our ways and settled into our comfort zone, it can inhibit us from achieving what we really want!

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5 Ways to Stop Procrastination

just do itProcrastination can stop us from achieving what we want. It can also cause stress, anxiety and a lot of time-wasting. If you want to stop procrastination…  [Read more…]