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10 Tips For A Great Life

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Want a great life? There are plenty of simple concepts you can apply to ensure you get the best life possible for you. Here are 10 tips for a great life.

If it is to be, it is up to me

At the end of the day, regardless of circumstance or events outside of your control, you’re the only one that can make your life better. Take responsibility for it.

Maintain your social connections

Keep a close circle of friends or family. Open up to people you trust and be vulnerable. Close connections and social bonds are vital to wellbeing.

Save at least 10% of your income

Invest or save at least 10% of what you earn. No matter what, you can always live on less than you make. Look at what you’re spending your money on and sacrifice the things that don’t give you value.

Do more of what you enjoy

Find something that you enjoy and do more of it. As long as it’s not detrimental to you or others, make the time to be happy! This means being proactive and scheduling these activities into your calendar.

Focus on what you want

When you do this, you’ll automatically move towards it, as you think about how you’re going to get there and start to put actions into place.

Take action to change

If you don’t like your situation, make plans to change it. You may not solve your problems straight away, but making a start will make all the difference to your mindset. Just take one small step and go from there.

Keep physically fit

Exercise regularly. Try to do what you enjoy doing, so that it’s sustainable. Your physical health affects your mental health – don’t forget to take care of yourself first.

Practise gratitude

Be thankful for what you have. Make a list. Studies show that people who regularly practise gratitude are generally happier and have better wellbeing than people who don’t, so make this a habit.

Live up to your values

Stay true to your own values. Think about what core values you want to have and write them down. Try to pare them down to 5 or 6, so you can tap into them quickly. Avoid doing things that conflict with your values, as this won’t make you happy.

Write down your goals

Writing down your goals makes it more likely you’ll achieve them. Make them specific, challenging but achievable. How will you get your great life if you don’t know what it looks like?

Consider life coaching, career coaching or wealth coaching to help you have a great life!

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