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Why Self-Belief Is So Important For Success


Do you start each day with confidence and belief in your own abilities? Or do you consistently doubt yourself and your capacity to perform well?

How did Madonna become so successful?

Self-belief alone can take you a long way. Take the example of superstar singer Madonna. How did a lower-middle class girl from Michigan with an average singing voice become one of the most iconic pop culture figures of our time? Regardless of the merits of her music, there is no denying the fact that she has unwavering self-belief. This has made an enormous contribution to her success over the years.

Self-belief is vital on the sports field too. Have you noticed how some players and teams often “get on a roll” and start winning everything, week in and week out? This comes from a solid foundation of self-belief that gives them the confidence to take risks they know will come off. The more they win, the more confident they are about their abilities, and the better they play.

Self-belief is self-perpetuating

From that self-confidence comes drive and determination. If you have the attitude that you will succeed, you automatically think of ways to get there and do whatever it takes to do it. On the other hand, if you’re constantly plagued by self-doubt, you end up sabotaging yourself and don’t tend to take action to ensure you reach your goals.

Finding your self-belief can be a difficult process. This is especially true if you’ve developed negative thoughts about yourself that have become ingrained over the years. For example, do you find yourself thinking “I’m useless”, “I’ll never be any good at this” or “I just don’t have it”?

By consciously turning your thoughts about yourself from negative to positive on a consistent basis, you can start to build your confidence. For example “I have many useful skills”, “If I practice hard enough, I’ll get better at this”, or “I have achieved great things in the past, so I’m confident I can do it again”.  After a while, this kind of thinking will seem more natural, and it will become just a part of who you are.

Give your self-belief a boost

One exercise I get my life coaching clients with low self-confidence to do, is write down 3 achievements each week. They don’t have to be big important accomplishments; just little things that you’ve done well that week. Writing these achievements down helps to make them real, and forces you to sit down and actually think about what you’ve done. This will give you confidence to achieve more next week.

Without self-belief, you won’t get what you want. Make sure you have it in spades.

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