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Hate Your Job? Make it Work for You

Hate your job

You may know what you want in your career, and be applying for roles you know will suit you more, but for the time being you’re stuck in a job that’s just not right for you. Hate your job? Here’s how to make the most of it.

Be proactive

Look for ways to learn new skills, or to build upon existing ones that will improve your future career prospects. The key to achieving this is to be proactive.

Make it a habit to volunteer for special projects or to take on more responsibility. Look for ways to improve your work processes or environment, and then take action.

Build better work habits

Think about how you’ve been doing your tasks lately. Maybe you’ve become disengaged and now tend to do the bare minimum while you wait for the clock to tick down to the end of the day.

Try this: for one week, make a conscious effort to do everything at work just that little bit better. Finish that report ahead of time; be nicer to your clients; tidy your desk. By the end of the week, I guarantee you’ll be enjoying your job a lot more. Most importantly, you would have begun to employ better work habits that are transferrable to any career.

Work on your soft skills

In any job, always try to set the example. Be passionate about your work, but don’t become over-emotional about inter-personal issues. Try to be the sensible, pragmatic one; the person everyone goes to for advice.

To be effective in any senior or leadership role, you must have self-assurance. This doesn’t mean bossing everyone around, it just means you have confidence in your own abilities and decision-making skills. Good leaders expect to make mistakes sometimes. But they take responsibility and learn from them.

Career coaching can help you to identify problem areas and provide you with practical tools to improve your soft skills.

Get engaged in your workplace

These days, most senior managers look to their staff to provide feedback about the company and to come up with ideas for improvement. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to have your say. Don’t whine, but be constructive and present your ideas in a professional way.

Communication skills are a priority in the modern workplace. You need to learn how to listen to others, express yourself clearly and concisely, and be able to work effectively with your peers and managers. If you feel your communication skills could improve, I can think of no better or more cost-effective solution than joining your local Toastmasters club.

Just because you hate your job doesn’t mean you can’t use it to lay the foundation for your next career step. Cultivate a positive and constructive mindset that will ensure your future success.

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