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Make It Real: Stop Dreaming, Start Doing

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Aspiring to greater things and setting big goals can seem overwhelming at times. You can be consumed with thoughts of how difficult it seems, or of all the things that could go wrong. You may even think you’re deluding yourself and living in a fantasy world of impossible dreams. Sometimes, taking action on the little things can be just the trigger you need to get going. Make it real: stop dreaming, start doing.

Turn thinking into doing

Achieving big goals requires a great plan, persistence, and self-belief. It demands your time, energy and focus. To maintain your motivation and passion, you also need to make sure your goals are real. You need to move away from just thinking about what you want, and into doing what you want.

Some of my clients come to me after having spent years thinking and dreaming about their “big idea” or their lifelong ambition. Some of them have even spent hundreds of hours researching, reading, and writing plans. Don’t get me wrong – you absolutely should do your homework before following your dreams. But there comes a time when you need to make it real.

Don’t wait to make a start

Let’s say you’ve been working as an employee in the corporate world for a long time, but have always thought about striking out on your own, and becoming a highly paid consultant. You have a pretty good knowledge of how it might work and you think it’s achievable.

But something inside you always seems to hold you back. You think “maybe in a couple of years”, or “I’ll wait until I’m 100% confident”. Why wait to start making it real? Write down your goal and put it up on your wall where you can see it every day. Tell trusted friends and family what your goal is. Get some business cards printed. Register your company. Set up a website. Life coaching can help you create workable plans.

Build momentum

Taking these concrete actions help you to see your dream as reality, not fantasy. Once something becomes real in your mind, you start to automatically take steps that move you towards your goal. Pretty soon, you’ll be well on your way to living the dream, not just dreaming it.

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